Live Dragon Tiger

Live Dragon Tiger

Based on card values, a successful prediction results in a win, while making a wrong one means that the amount wagered is lost to the house, though not always. Online casino players looking for a different game should consider Dragon Tiger.

Best U.s. Live Dragon Tiger Casinos

In every round, the dealer deals two cards, one to the banker and another to the player, the “dragon” and “tiger,” respectively. Gameplay starts by allowing players to place their wager on all possible bet options, after which cards are placed on the layout face-up.

Part of being strategic requires the player to play by the rules. Secondly, irrespective of how a player wagers, tie hands will always give the casino an edge over the player. Notably, the casino would not have the advantage over the players, if it did not take money from them in case of a tie bet.

The game is similar to Baccarat in that players do not compete against the dealer, but they choose between two possible outcomes; the dragon or the tiger. Dragon Tiger is highly suited to the live format as it is a fast and easily scalable game. The attraction of Dragon Tiger is its simplicity, leading to a smooth game without interruptions or hesitation. It is believed that Dragon Tiger was first introduced in Cambodia and then it expanded over to other Asian regions where now can be played at many online and offline casinos. Many players enjoy it for its simplicity and sheer speed of the rounds played, and may analysts agree that live casino Dragon Tiger is similar to both Baccarat and Casino War.

Knowledge of all available bets is key to enjoying and getting the best out of this fast-paced game. The order of the cards from low to high is Ace J-Q-K. Unlike in most card games, the Ace is the lowest card and not the highest. The player is, thus, expected to choose which side to bet on and place the wager. Therefore, a player only wins here when he or she bets on the highest hand. When a player bets on the Dragon, for instance, and it shows the highest card, he or she wins.

Looking at other card games, one could say that Dragon Tiger could not get any simpler. It is a straightforward card comparison game, in a way a two-card version of baccarat, another beloved authentically Asian game. The game represents the symbolic battle between the powerful forces of Yin and Yang. It is all about the dealer turning over two cards on the Tiger and Dragon fields, one to each of the positions, and the highest card wins. There are also a few live dealer casinos where you can play Live Dragon Tiger in real time.

  • Live Dragon Tiger is often described as a two card version of Baccarat.
  • And if you have played teen patti with real money, or perhaps, andar bahar, then you will exactly know what I’m talking about.
  • However, in dragon tiger, the dealer deals 2 cards in a game for every betting spot (Dragon & Tiger).
  • Dragon Tiger is quite popular in online casinos across Asia and the world.
  • An attractive game with two optional side bets, Live Dragon Tiger has won the hearts of thousands of players.

Taming Tigers

And in case a player places a bet on the Dragon or Tiger, and the game ends up in a tie, the house takes half of the wager. There is another strategy worth trying out at Dragon Tiger – bet along with the last winner. A good number of punters have a habit of betting along with the previous winner with hopes of catching a streak of hands. In other instances, experienced players employ a card counting strategy when the cards shuffled by the casino are shown, which reduces the house’s edge even further. Card counting is mostly about either keeping track of suits or low and high cards.

The game is played Standard English deck of 52 cards with no Jokers or wild cards. The cards are then dealt with a Blackjack Shoe that holds six to eight decks. Live Dragon Tiger is by far the simplest casino game, although its wide array of possible side bets do add some complexity to the game.

The game is streamed live from a land-based studio and it has amazing true-to-life features. Stick around to find out more about the best Dragon Tiger casinos on the web.

Placing a tie bet once in a while can be a strategy in itself. Players are also advised to place side bets aside from the main bets.

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As much as it might sound to be too much of a guessing game, players are advised to be skilled when placing wagers. The dealer deals two cards, one to the player and the other to the banker . The player places a bet on who has the highest card and waits for the dealer to put the cards on the layout face-up. The rules of the game allow the player to place a tie bet, which results when both the player and the banker have the same hand.

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